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By on 10.3.05 | 12:54PM

In case you haven't been reading our Comment sections, here is a quick overview of reaction from readers around the country on AmSpecBlog today:

Vic: "The President is playing for a tie."

JP: "Watch how the Democratic Senators treatment of her evolves; they may see a kindred spirit."

Ken: "Probably the best we can hope for is mediocrity. Please plant no more Bushes on the White House grounds -- ever."

Mark P: "This is the last straw for me."

Jennifer: "W promised us a Scalia or a Thomas."

G. Deveney: "There are many Conservative women Judges deserving of this position…I personally will no longer trust the GOP."

Cathy: "...what next, is he going to appoint Jimmy Carter to dole out the billions in FEMA funds which will bankrupt this country?"

John: "He has left all of the red states red faced...."

And that's just a lunchtime sampling.

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