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Another Prognostication Bites the Dust…Mine!

By on 1.30.08 | 10:05AM

Some months back, I predicted that it would be Fred Thompson and John Edwards squaring off for the White House in November. I figured that Thompson most appealed to the GOP's conservative base and that smart Dems would realize that Hillary was too polarizing and Obama too young.

Now it seems that Republicans will be forced to choose between a maverick and a convert, while the Dems look to be heading toward choosing another dance with Clinton & Co. rather than going with the black knight of the new Camelot.

While I hold out great hope that McCain will soon run out of Independents and (sad to say) retired military veterans to support him, I fear that unless Romney starts to substantially connect with the conservative base in a forceful way, we will be left with the dreary prospect of a Clinton vs McCain contest.

But hey, I've been wrong before!

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