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By on 10.3.05 | 11:12AM

I love it how we're all instant experts on the president's nominee. But first things first: how did Harriet Miers come across in her statement? One immediate thing to like: her Dallas, Texas accent. It'll be enough to drive the liberals crazy, a constant reminder she's not one of them. Plus she struck all the right notes:

"...I have always had a great respect and admiration for the genius that inspired our Constitution and our system of government."

"It is the responsibility of every generation to be true to the founders' vision of the proper role of the courts in our society."

Working with members of Congress as White House counsel "has given me an eager -- even greater appreciation for the role of the legislative branch in our constitutional system."

This doesn't sound like a woman who will legislate from the bench.

One other thing: Bush will be fried for his cronyism. But it's his prerogative to nominate whomever he decides on. He's the president. Cheney headed Bush's vice-presidential search and ended up the veep himself. Miers played a similar roll in vetting Bush candidates to the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, and now ends up a top choice herself. What was good in the case of Cheney can't be in Miers's case?

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