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Re: McCain and Alito

By on 1.28.08 | 4:23PM

Quick addendum: I just spoke with Fund about what he wrote about McCain just to be clear on if I could find other articles supporting the McCain quote. He noted that there's a big distinction between McCain saying he didn't like Alito, and McCain saying he might draw the line at Alito.

"Might" is the operative term.

And "might," "maybe," and similar wiggle-forgiving terms are precisely the currency McCain has been trading in, in order to stay on record as the "maverick" the press so adores. Conservatives find it obnoxious to find a guy so unwilling to identify with their line of thought, not because they need someone that agrees with them, but because guiding principles ought to be transparent to the public.

McCain has rarely worked toward that end.

But here's the real thing to get worked up about: His continued support of McCain-Feingold. Does he really believe that the "problem" of "money in politics" was alleviated any further by deteriorating First Amendment rights?

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