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By on 9.30.05 | 3:31PM

The AmSpecBlog is proud to present a new feature, our Friday book highlights. TAS receives dozens of review copies of upcoming books each week. We pull those that catch our collective eye and link to them. Inspirational hat tip to Glenn Reynolds's "In the Mail" feature.

Condi and Hillary together? They joined forces for an AIDS fundraiser Wednesday night, but Dick Morris has them squaring off for the 2008 presidential election in his forthcoming book, Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race.

Remember those reports last year of the apparent casing of a Northwest flight by terrorists? In Terror in the Skies: Why 9/11 Could Happen Again, Flight 327 passenger Annie Jacobsen details the federal government's ineptitude in securing the airlines from terrorism.

In God's Choice, George Weigel gives his account of the election of Pope Benedict XVI, including an assessment of John Paul II's papacy.

Sean Wilentz, New Republic contributing editor, Princeton history professor, and notorious Clinton defender, offers a remarkable tome, The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln. In the preface, Wilentz argues the story of American democracy was neither inevitable nor unanimous.

In paperback: Mary Eberstadt's Home-Alone America: Why Today's Kids Are Overmedicated, Overweight, and More Troubled Than Ever Before. Eberstadt defends her first edition in a new preface. Missing from the development of feminism, Eberstadt argues, is the "darker side of this massive experiment: namely, the sharp rise in child and adolescent problems that has occurred alongside this increasing adult, and particularly maternal, exodus from home."

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