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Profile in Cowardice

By on 9.30.05 | 2:21PM

Though this may interest only insiders, one of the odd things about the Dubya years is the extent to which such a major player as Bill Bennett has been ostracized by the Bush team. To make matters worse, the president's spokesman has found reason to kick and punch at Bennett while Bennett's in the clutches of lefty enforcers and goons. What a profile in courage.

And so much for gratitude. The Bennett caper has given the Bush White House cover. It doesn't have to rush off to name an O'Connor successor just yet. To turn attention away from Tom DeLay and GOP "troubles" and "disarray," all it needed to do was give the hounds a scent of Bennett, whose only sin apparently is that he's not as svelte as the president or as rhetorically inept.

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