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A Lefty Defends Bennett

By on 9.30.05 | 1:42PM

It's worth noting in the Bill Bennett kerfuffle that Matt Yglesias, one of the flagbearers of the left-wing blogosphere, insists Bennett said nothing wrong:

Not only is Bennett clearly not advocating a campaign of genocidal abortion against African-Americans, but the empirical claim here is unambiguously true. Similarly, if you aborted all the male fetuses, all those carried by poor women, or all those carried by Southern women, the crime rate would decline. Or, at least, in light of the fact that southern people, poor people, black people, and male people have a much greater propensity to commit crime than do non-southern, non-black, non-poor, or non-male people that would have to be our best guess. The consequences, clearly, would be far-reaching and unpredictable, but the basic demographic and criminological points here can't be seriously disputed.

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