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Make My Day Go-Ahead

By on 9.30.05 | 1:23PM

A new law in my home state of Florida will take effect tomorrow, Oct. 1, and has received national attention, mostly of the sniffy-snots-in-a-snit Liberal variety. In fact, the Brady Foundation has released a PSA warning people about the new danger to innocent visitors to Florida.

Wherefore the hysteria?

The law provides that if attacked in a life-threatening manner (slashing knife, shooting gun, that sort of thing), one may discharge a firearm in self-defense without being obliged to first investigate the possibility of escape. In other words, a true standard of self-defense: "If you are trying to kill me, I can try to kill you first."

See how we dealt with this back in April when the chair put the bill on the table rather than tabling it... er, I mean when it was the subject of debate and vote.

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