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On Second Thought, Stay Hungry

By on 1.23.08 | 11:31PM

Let's take it from the bottom. Today on the Spectator main page, Judah Friedman has an idea how the good folks at the Sundance Film farrago can help bring us all together. "Should we not be one America?" he asks. "One America that all gets swag?" And if that doesn't end the hunger of the poor and the oppressed, Greg Conko says... let them eat clones. Of course, shelter belongs somewhere in the hierarchy of needs too, and Larry Thornberry shows that Rudy Giuliani is counting on the related issue of tempest tossed homeowners insurance to pull it out for him in Florida. Speaking of Florida, jet-setting Jennifer Rubin gives us a helpful folding map to the primary there next Tuesday. So print it out, and stick it in your glove compartment.

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