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Wow[UPDATE: Not A Big Wow]

By on 1.22.08 | 10:10PM

McCain, according to this, leads in California 41% to 17% for Romney, Rudy at 13% and Huckabee at 10%. What?! Yeah, I read it a few times to make sure I had it right. (SurveyUSA by the way was very accurate on SC.) Then I thought there is a logic here. California is not exactly absorbed by politics and the candidates, mostly broke as they are, I think have done limited ads there. So they follow the national news coverage and polls. McCain is dubbed the frontrunner and is getting extremely favorable coverage. He also happens to be a familiar and comfortable choice for many Californians. If someone was looking for the SC bump this might be it. Now is this a fluke? Will other Feb. 5 states follow suit? Will it fade if he loses in Florida? Stay tuned. UPDATE: Not so fast: Bay Area only.

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