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K-Lo’s Nice Touch on Thompson

By on 1.22.08 | 5:11PM

Over at NRO, Kathryn Lopez writes a wonderful paean to Fred Thompson. She hits all the right notes, and hits them well. Excerpts: "...he just gets it. He cares about his country and he cares about common sense. The good conservative sense Thompson articulated certainly resonated - the blogosphere got enthused for a possible presidential run."
And: "...once he got in, what he lacked in fire on the trail, he made up for with solid conservative policy on Social Security, immigration, and the size of the military. He raised the bar for detailed policy prescriptions. You get the impression from what he says and from how he says it that he's got consistent conservative instincts. He's grounded."
And: "There's no doubt we'll be seeing him again - he's too invested in this country he loves for us not to. Thank God for Fred Thompson. May he inspire more to serve. "
And there's much more like that.

We can only hope that Kathryn is right that Thompson won't just fade away.

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