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Democrats Drive The Coverage

By on 1.22.08 | 12:21PM

I'm not the first to notice that MSM coverage of the presidential primaries devotes much more time to the Democratic than the Republican race. Statistically this has been proven true. If you watch any of the Sunday show' roundtable discussions you will find more minutes devoted to the Democrats than the Republicans. They will say Hillary vs. Obama is "more newsworthy" or "more dramatic." There is something to that considering the soap opera like quality of everything the Clintons do and the potential for an African American president. That said it does get out of hand, to the point of virtually ignoring the GOP side. The Florida race is clearly more important to the GOP race( a truly open field, the potential to eliminate or revive Rudy, the possibility McCain will seal the deal) than SC is to the Democrats (Obama is expected to win and Hillary is already roving the February 5 states). However, at least 75% of the coverage is about the Democrats this week. The debate sucked up 90% of the coverage, the ongoing spat between Bill/Hill and Obama seems to take up the rest. Is this good or bad? It has the effect of freezing the race and making challengers' task of upsetting McCain that much harder. See, even when they don't mean to the media is McCain's best friend.

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