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Re: Florida Landscape

By on 1.21.08 | 11:02PM

The Miami Herald notices Huckabee not trying very hard in Florida. If Thompson leaves the race and Huckabee isn't trying all that hard does Romney get a boost?

The Herald also reports that Senator Mel Martinez won't endorse McCain. But is there any chance Governor Charlie Crist will? Not so likely after he brushed off his idea of a catastrophic insurance fund. However, in a contentious race both nationally and in the state there seems to be little upside for him to endorse anyone else.
Will McCain trek to House of Rush? I can't for a moment imagine he'd take that advice.
The Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens makes a compelling case for McCain, tying his fate to the Surge and also the Tet Offensive, concluding: "There is another kind of honor, however, which is uniquely bestowed by one's adversaries and enemies. It is the honor one acquires by defying temptations of popularity, by the acceptance of long odds, by suffering, by what is called the nobility of the last-ditch defense. It is the honor many Americans feel they lost in Vietnam, and which, through Mr. McCain's not-so-improbable resurgence, they now seek to regain and make their own." UPDATE: This makes it seem that Huckabee is going to pull in Florida what Romney did in SC --essentially abandon ship. However, unlike Romney he's broke and won't be able to keep ads up while campaigning in another state.

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