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Re: Fred Factor

By on 1.21.08 | 7:12PM

In much of the discussion about his potential departure the notion is tossed around that Thompson should get out of the race because he is a spoiler for someone else. Hogwash. In a multi-party race everyone is a spoiler for someone else. If McCain disappeared tomorrow Rudy would hugely benefit in Florida. If Romney hadn't been on the SC ballot those votes could well have put Huckabee over the top. If Rudy dropped out of Florida McCain would be up by 20 pts. It is all somewhat silly and presupposes that but for that stubborn Thompson others more deserving would cruise to victory. Aside from the presumptuousness it is factually suspect. Neither Romney or Huckabee has been able to string together two wins in a row and it seems to be a weak excuse to retroactively blame Thompson.

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