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Vacation Overtime

By on 9.30.05 | 10:24AM

No, not for us, but for Congress. Consider that they just came off their month-long August vacation. They put in a tough three weeks of work, and now they are off again, starting today. We're up here in Dirksen -- great Wi-Fi connection, by the way -- and all is quiet, except for staffers putting the final touches on their weekend plans. Both the House and the Senate are out until next Friday, when they return for one -- that's right, one -- day of work. Then both bodies are out again for another week's worth of recess.

That should take us up to the time for the Halloween recess, which certainly takes us to the Thanksgiving recess, which dovetails nicely into the Christmas break. Somewhere in there, we may actually get a Supreme Court confirmation, and perhaps a spending reduction bill. Or not.

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