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Re: MItt Goes Missing

By on 1.17.08 | 6:54PM

The AP reporter writes his account, unsurprisingly listing the lobbyists in high positions in the Romney camp. Does Romney get points for arguing with the press or does the media always get the last word and the story becomes "despite a list of Washington power brokers working for him Romney insisted that ..."

Thompson is getting great local press and is in a battle with Romney for third. After tonight's 60 second ad with a wide airing he may get a further bump. He certainly has made the most pointed criticisms of Huckabee (and his team is keeping track of voters who have flipped from Huckabee to Thompson) so if he makes further progress it could narrow the ground to get to second place. Would he stay in the race without a win in SC? Why not-- in a brokered convention anyone can win!

And of course it wouldn't be SC without the Confederate flag becoming a rallying cry. Do you really have to ask who raised it? The flag is to SC as the auto industry is to Michigan so pander away...

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