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By on 1.16.08 | 3:18PM

A new Palmetto poll shows McCain 29%, Huckabee at 22%, Romney at 13% and Thompson at 10%. All polling was done before Michigan. If this holds up McCain will get the spring back in his step. Thompson needs a moment or event to breakthrough but you're not going to get phony (or any) tears from him. We'll see if a day or two changes the landscape. UPDATE: The new Pew poll shows McCain leading nationally by a healthy margin 29-20% over Huckabee with Romney at 17% and Rudy 13%. It also shows how fragmented the GOP electorate is --Huckabee leading with evangelicals, Romney with conservative non-evangelicals and McCain with moderates and liberals. No wonder there is no clear frontrunner and we lurch from primary to primary where one of these groups predominates and then to another where a different one gives the win to a different candidate. Who's going to put it all together? SC may give a hint.

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