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McCain Blogger Call

By on 1.16.08 | 2:54PM

I will leave to Phil to do the blow by blow but my overall impression is that he has his helmet on and recognizes what lies ahead. Sounding a bit throaty from a cold he said that Tom Coburn will be traveling around SC and hopefully in Florida and beyond and they have purchased media time in Florida and elsewhere. I asked about Romney's charge he was a pessimist on the economy. He reiterated that he "has to tell people the truth" that certain jobs in Michigan and SC aren't coming back but is optimistic about new technologies, and in SC new plants ( BMW and Michelin) coming into the state. When I pressed him as to his plans he listed making the Bush tax cuts permanent, stopping spending, worker training and education. He opined that US industry generally leads the world in R and D (suggesting perhaps that government is not the driver). Overall he seemed sober and determined.

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