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Re: Romney and South Carolina

By on 1.16.08 | 12:33PM

I think Romney is not exactly conceding but just trying to make sure he has a good solid excuse if he loses, or worse comes in behind Huckabee and/or Thompson. I think it's impossible for him not to be engaged since he is spending the next day and a half there, is up with TV ads and is in a back and forth battle with McCain on an hourly basis. His campaign just sent out an email on his "Strategy for A Stronger America: A Stronger Economy and More Competitive America." It looks pretty much like a compilation of what he previously put out but seems timed to deflect all the flak he's getting from the Michigan auto initiative. McCain's advisor Steve Schmidt unloads both barrels at Romney on the AutoCare pandering and being "classless" in bumping McCain off the air. Romney surrogate Jim DeMint goes after McCain surrogate Tom Coburn on immigration and tax relief. Seems like a lot of action for Romney in a state he says he doesn't think is as important as Nevada.

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