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By on 1.16.08 | 11:20AM

Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom explains that Romney will be in SC through Thursday morning and then head to Nevada. Why not capitalize on his new momentum and stand and fight against McCain while trying to knock out Thompson? Fehrnstrom tells me: "We've had four contests so far and Mitt Romney has won half of them. We lead in wins. We lead in delegates. We lead in votes cast.South Carolina is John McCain country. We hope to do well here, but we're under no illusions about the uphill climb we face. At the same time, we haven't overlooked Nevada, where there are actually more delegates at stake than in South Carolina." Well, he did spend a lot of money and time there and says he has the momentum but if he can't win in the South, he can't win in the South. It'll narrow the options for Super Tuesday but it may be the best he can do given the competition.

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