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Coburn on McCain

By on 1.16.08 | 10:27AM

Here is what Sen. Coburn wrote about John McCain in National Review Online after last year's immigration bill train wreck:

"As the American people, elected officials, and commentators reflect on the heated immigration debate that came to a temporary close in the Senate this week many will ask, and have asked, why U.S. Senator John McCain (R., Ariz.) staked out a position that may, in retrospect, be seen as devastating to his presidential ambitions. I hope the American people, at least, step back from the obsessive play-by-play pre-season election analysis and reflect on Senator McCain�s actions for what I believe they were: One of the purest examples of political courage seen in Washington in a very, very long time."

The rest of the piece is worth reading. It's similar to the arguments we at the New Hampshire Union Leader made in endorsing McCain despite, not because of, his positions that irritate conservatives, including us.

I think our endorsement helped him win New Hampshire because it gave him a sort of conservative seal off approval here. Coburn's endorsement might have a similar effect, as far as endorsements from U.S. senators go. Coburn has a lifetime ACU rating of 97.8 and he is no friend of the Washington establishment. That he picked McCain over Romney says a lot, I think.

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