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A Clash, Finally On the Merits

By on 1.16.08 | 10:25AM

Thompson today in SC: "Everybody was flocking up there to Michigan and promising, in effect … the federal government was going to come in there and bail the entire state out. Now, they said it with a straight face and apparently it worked for some of them. That's no way to get elected president on things you could not - and should not - deliver."

And this: "It's not about employer versus employee or rich versus poor -- That's Democratic talk. I hope our people can avoid going down that road. What we're talking about is freedom, fairness, and a marketplace that allows for innovation.. . I think it's important to not just tailor your message to a particular audience, you know, because you're going to have a lot of audiences when you're running for president."

Ok, I've recovered from my swoon. This is precisely the message that is intellectually honest, good politics and conservative. Romney announced he is not in fact fleeing SC for Nevada as his advisors hinted yesterday so maybe we can get a nice old fashioned face off on conservative credentials and principles.

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