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By on 1.16.08 | 9:18AM

Quin, I agree with your sentiments that the GOP field needs to get its act together so I offer a few thoughts: 1) Rather than flit from theme to theme depending on the day and the state, the candidates would do well to come up with two or three big ideas/plans (one needs to be the economy) and explain why the conservative base should choose you. 2) Don't belittle, trick, insult, or taunt your opponents.Voters do form an impression based on how candidates run their campaigns and being petty or small minded or bored is not the way to ingratiate yourself with the electorate. 3) Let's hope that Uncommitted guy doesn't win-- he/she/it (?) is going to be tough to beat and can apparently turn out the vote in the snow without spending any money on ads.

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