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Now With Warning Labels!

By on 1.16.08 | 12:02AM

The lineup over at the Spectator main page is a cornucopia of awesomeness, but let's start with you, the reader. Today's Reader Mail is named "McCain Migraine" after that sharp, throbbing headache that many came down with when they read John Samples's article on the perils of a McPresidency. In the future, we may have to adopt warning labels to avoid lawsuits. Also, a member of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee takes sharp exception to Deroy Murdock's anti-Romney rocket of a piece. Elsewhere, new National Review hand Robert VerBruggen takes aim at a not-brief-enough brief filed by the Bush administration in the D.C. handgun case, Shawn Macomber jousts with the Kennedys about Camelot, and "Gorgeous" George Neumayr laments the low down, dirty, no good tactics of the Clinton crowd to tackle Obama. And that's not all. Stay tuned for the latest on the Michigan mash-up from our night owl or early bird, depending on your time zone, Phil Klein.

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