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Re: Will The Final Pander Hurt

By on 1.15.08 | 11:08PM

Others wonder as well about the ripples from Michigan: "Mitt Romney's victory in Michigan is a testament to his remarkable elasticity. Having spent two years running as a social conservative, which he is not, he decided a week ago to run as a businessman reformer. It didn't carry him over the threshold there, but it evidently has in Michigan - where, among other things, the Republican candidate seems to have made wildly un-Republican promises to use the powers of the federal government to restore, through some mystical spell, automotive-industry jobs to the suffering state." With the exception of Huckabee all the others now have fodder to claim they are to the right of Romney on the economy and that MittCare plus AutoCare are not where the party or country should head. But some think it was a good idea that he did what he had to do -- you know, make whatever promises you have to.

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