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McCain Pivots

By on 1.15.08 | 8:46PM

McCain's concession speech is gracious in congratulating Romney while noting the "native son" won and then appears to smartly put more emphasis on the economy. He said: "I am as committed now as I have ever been to making sure that no state, whether its Michigan or South Carolina or anywhere in this blessed country, is left behind in the global economy. But that global economy is here to stay and it is, by its nature, constantly changing. To compete more successfully in it we must better prepare American workers and students to seize its opportunities. That is how we will build a stronger and more prosperous America. That is what I told the people of Michigan. And I don't believe I could have honestly told them anything else." (This is once again making the credibility argument, of course.) He then goes on to appeal to SC's tradition of patriotism and the need to give the troops a "Commander-in-Chief who will provide them leadership that is as strong, principled and tireless as their service to our country." A source close to the McCain campaign contends they made an arrangement with the Romney team to coordinate speeches so each would get their TV time, but Romney then violated that agreement, spoke at the same time as McCain and bumped him off the air. This is going to be one tough fight.

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