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Partial Birth Goes Glam?

By on 1.15.08 | 4:03PM

When someone expresses shock at what appears in a girlie mag, it's almost kind of cute. As it happens, Vogue ran a column on a woman's decision to get a partial-birth abortion when her doctors told her that her child would never survive birth. From what I know about the subject, such diagnoses are rare. Pro-life advocates were tweaked all the same, considering that the almost mother was portrayed in a stylish outfit, claiming that, "the gruesome procedure of partial birth abortion has been given a style makeover by the world's most influential fashion magazine."

But I think I'll betray the same naivete when I run across the in-depth response by the magazine: "The response from both sides demonstrates that this is an important and sensitive subject that matters to people."

Thank you, Vogue, for getting into the thick of it and hashing it out. We knew we could rely on ya.

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