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Without Remorse, But WITH Regard for The Law

By on 1.15.08 | 9:44AM

So say you're a potential graduate student with no real direction, struggling to find that one elusive thing that will fulfill you throughout the span of a--gasp!--career. You've heard something about this whole waterboarding trend, and it sounds pretty cool, and, whatever John McCain says, you love 24. But what respectable school caters to those interests?

I mean, besides the School of the Americas and...Georgetown?

From the "Law of 24" syllabus:

The award winning Fox Television drama series 24 explores America’s fictional response to international terrorism through the eyes of Jack Bauer, a U.S. counter-terrorism agent. Oftentimes, without remorse or regard for the law, Agent Bauer is willing to do what has to be done when faced with the threat of kidnappings, assassinations, nuclear detonations, and bioterrorism on U.S. soil – despite traitors in his family, his unit, and the White House; partisan politics; sleeper cells; and hidden agendas. This course provides a detailed understanding of a very wide-range of U.S. domestic and international legal issues concerning counterterrorism in the context of the utilitarian and sometimes desperate responses to terrorism raised by the plot of 24. Course requirements include active classroom discussion and a paper of approximately 25 pages.

What? A term paper but no hands-on terrorist interrogations or fighting?

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