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No Predictions But …

By on 1.15.08 | 7:28AM

If Romney wins, expect McCain to argue Romney just played on home state sympathies and his father's name. Expect Thompson and Rudy in their key state races( SC and FL) to remind voters' of Romney's unconservative willingness to have the government dictate industrial policy.
If McCain wins, expect Romney to contend it wasn't the GOP voters who decided it but those dastardly Independents and Democrats. How dare they turn out to vote for a Republican! (Well, except in a general election.)
If Huckabee wins, everyone will say " What?!" and then panic that South Carolina could crown Huckabee the nominee.
Who wants Romney to win? Rudy who likes chaos this week.
Who wants McCain to win? Maybe Thompson who'd prefer for Romney to melt down and Romney's support in SC to flow to him.
Who wants Huckabee to win? Huckabee.

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