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By on 1.15.08 | 5:19AM

From the things you never thought you'd see department:

McCain has a greater lead in national polls in his primary than Hillary does.
Romney fan Dean Barnett comments on Romney's predicament which he says arose from seeking to "exploit" an opening with social conservatives. He writes: "This tack rang false with the public because it was false. The problem wasn't so much the perception of widespread 'flip-flopping' on issues like abortion. The public allows its politicians a measure of flexibility. But the public correctly sensed something disingenuous about Mr. Romney's campaign.Voters perceived the cynicism of a campaign that tried to exploit wedge issues rather than focus on the issues that in truth most interested the candidate. They sensed phoniness. As a consequence, many have grown to feel that Mitt Romney can't be trusted. This lack of trust is now the dominant and perhaps insurmountable obstacle that the Romney campaign faces."
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