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By on 9.29.05 | 11:05AM

Bob Novak here talks about the spread of "Operation Offset" mania, this time in the Senate. It's about time Sen. Lindsey Graham came back to the Mother Ship.

Over at RedState, the thinking is that the Senate needs something akin to the House Republican Study Committee. Actually, the Senate already has one: the Senate Republican Policy Committee. Now chaired by Sen. Jon Kyl, the SRPC was at one time the policy shop that drove the conservative issues. Kyl has been bringing it back up to speed, and should focus on the fiscal issues once again.

That said, what is Kyl waiting for? Conservatives have been hoping he would step up his profile in pusuit of a leadership position. Yet in the past few months he's been almost invisible. We'd say he's been working behind the scenes, but it doesn't appear he's been doing even that.

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