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By on 1.13.08 | 10:15AM

David Broder's column today notes that former Governor George Romney's Lieutenant Governor and fellow progressive William Milliken is backing McCain. (McCain's spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker confirms to me that the two spoke and Milliken did formally endorse McCain.) The irony of Mitt Romney's invoking his father's name and reputation is that moderate Republicans of the type who supported his father would likely vote for McCain. It's those Nixon voters Romney wants.

Michigan polls show it is "the economy stupid" in Michigan which most concerns voters.. Romney figured this out and has been talking about almost nothing but that. If he wins, that and his familial appeal will get the credit.

Who is going to do the snoopy doggy dance if McCain wins and once again early state momentum means nothing? Rudy who sits like a Cheshire cat in Florida waiting for the next round of primaries to complete. Yesterday had a crowd of 800 and today has a crowd of 10,000 at a mega-church according to a campaign advisor. Is a vote for Romney in Michigan a vote to keep Rudy's hopes alive? Bizarrely, yes.

More bad news for the Democrats-- political agreement seems to be breaking out in Iraq. How are they going to explain this away?

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