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‘Don’ Fehr

By on 9.29.05 | 9:51AM

The MLB players union used to have underdog status in the perennial battles with the owners (just uttering the word "owners" used to bring refrains the "Evil Empire" theme from Star Wars to mind). Steroids have changed that dynamic for the foreseeable future.

In case players union boss Don Fehr hasn't noticed, John McCain gets even more popular the angrier he gets. Hall of famers Hank Aaron, Robin Roberts, Lou Brock, Ryne Sandberg and Phil Neikro just underlined McCain's sincerity and determination to clean up baseball. Meanwhile, Fehr sounded more like a mouthpiece for the mob.

Most baseball fans would rather see MLB put its house in order rather than have Congress step in. But most baseball fans would also rather have a steroid free game. Fehr really doesn't get it.

Message to Fehr: Junior Gotti is about to be retried. He'd probably appreciate your counsel. And with your first name being Don, you'd fit right in.

By the way -- YANKEES by 1.

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