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Support Musharaf?

By on 1.10.08 | 9:04PM

Thompson: GREAT swipe at New York Times!!!! Just awesome. Now starts on Pakistan... is taking too long to get to his answer. He is building to a good point about the importance of stability in a Muslim country with nukes. But a little too ramble-y. Making good points, though.

Romney: Good analogy: "Now foreign policy is like three-dimensional chess." He is putting his good answer UP FRONT, as in a good news article, putting the lead, yes, in the lead (unlike Thompson). Sounding very good. My wife responds VERY well to this answer, by the way.

I'll tell you, McCain, Romney, Thompson and Giuliani are ALL doing well tonight.

Huck's answer is okay, but a little halting. Now he takes on Ron Paul in a strong way, in defense of Israel. Very effective.

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