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You Don’t Need A Poll To Tell Who’s Ahead

By on 1.10.08 | 1:39PM

You may remember that last year when McCain's fortunes were waning Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox resigned as chair of McCain's Michigan team. Well Monday he was out saying nice things again. From the Detroit Free Press: "Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox said Monday he expects to vote for McCain even though he resigned as his state chairman last year in frustration over the way his campaign was being run. 'It's a tribute to McCain's character and charisma that he's still in a position to win anywhere, including Michigan,' Cox said. 'It shows that what matters sometimes is "not the campaign but the candidate,' he said.'' A Republican operative on the ground in Michigan tells me that Cox repeated his praise in a radio interview today. When things are good those fair weather friends have a way of finding you.
And yes it was too good to last. Not a barking dog but more like a whining puppy showed up in my inbox from the Romney people complaining that McCain is down on the auto industry in Michigan and says some of these jobs are not coming back while Romney is the sunny optimist. It would be nice to get through more than 24-hours without another round of attacks but I suspect the dogs will be howling by the weekend.UPDATE: McCain may also have gotten an assist today from Rudy. Rudy it seems will not be making any kind of effort in Michigan so McCain can scoop up those voters as well.

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