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Romney Ad

By on 1.10.08 | 9:55AM

Romney is out with a radio spot appealing to social conservatives who he will need to wrest from Huckabee. Rep. Pete Hoekstra and his wife deliver the message with distinctive Michigander accents. The ad adopts Romney's new mantra that Michigan is "personal" to him. This plays of course on his family ties to the state but is also I think an effort to "humanize" Romney. (If Iowa brought us "change" you can bet NH will bring us tears from more than one candidate. I really liked it so much better when people kept their emotions to themselves but I obviously missed the Oprah-ization of the country.) Also, the Congressman goes out of his way to say that he "respect[s] all the candidates" --perhaps part of the new, non-negative Romney ad messaging. (Still no barking dogs in my in box today.) UPDATE: Campaign Spot notices as well.

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