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By on 9.28.05 | 5:00PM

It's hard to tell who is more radicalized: National Public Radio or Al-Jazeera, the all-jihad all the time television network. I spent a half hour on NPR early this afternoon talking about the recent "Human Rights Watch" report that -- based on three anonymous soldiers' statements -- republishes the libel that our people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Cuba are routinely torturing detainees. The report, of course, made the Al-Jazeera front page.

It's the usual: a compendium of anonymous allegations ("Sgt. A," "Sgt. B," "Officer C") passed off as proof that we can't trust the miltary and need more legislation and an "independent" -- i.e., partisan and political -- commission to investigate the military.

The only interesting thing the Human Rights Watch rep said through the whole thing was that he was glad it was picked up by Al-Jazeera. I can't forgive people such as the HRW crew. They are making the world more dangerous for the young men and women we send in harm's way. And for us.

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