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Exit Poll Data

By on 1.9.08 | 12:47PM

Fascinating exit poll figures here. McCain won by two points among Republicans and by 12 pts among Independents. The Evangelical vote was 22% of the total: Huckabee got 33%, McCain 30% and Romney 24%. On "says what he means" McCain beat Romney 53-13% and on the right experience he won 51-35%. Romney won 38-22% on shares my values. The only income bracket that Romney won was $150K-199K (and only by one point). Romney won among conservatives 38-31%. Lots to chew on there. UPDATE: If you still believe in polls( the kind before you vote) this one in Michigan BEFORE New Hamsphire has Huckbee 23%, Romney 22 and McCain 18%.... fwiw..

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