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What Are The Chances?

By on 1.9.08 | 9:38AM

Who would have bet last night that the biggest staff shake up today might not be on the Hillary team but on the Romney team? It would seem wise to throw some bodies under the bus, contend (sans tears) that he "has found his own voice" and will now be the real Mitt to save his campaign. Hey, if it works for her...

UPDATE: In response to reports of a team shake up Spokesman Kevin Madden replied: "No truth to that angle whatsoever. Our focus is on Michigan and doing well there. We have won more votes and more delegates than anyone in the race. This is just getting started and we're full-steam ahead." He would not directly respond to a follow up asking whether any additional staff would be brought and would only answer: "Our team is intact, working hard and ready to go." On the subject of whether there would be any message adjustment or new ad approach, especially since exit polling revealed that voters considered the Romney ad campaign to be the most "unfair," he responded: "The governor's message will be one of bringing change to Washington and focusing on his experience as a problem-solver who understands the economy who can help turnaround a state like Michigan." As for the call day today he said that 550 people participated but that no fundraising goal had been set. This is a departure from Romney's and other campaigns' prior efforts which generally have set a goal that they can then surpass with flying colors.

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