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Re: Shorter Hugh Hewitt

By on 1.9.08 | 8:37AM

For those back on planet earth, this is a sober analysis of Romney's difficulties, but also his real strengths in Michigan. I do agree with the McCain camp that Huckabee's presence in Michigan makes it hard for Romney to find his niche. Social conservatives who make up a significant slice of the GOP primary electorate now have a more authentic champion on their issues who, they now believe, can actually win. McCain gets the moderate GOP voters and a very big chunk of the Independents. Not that many people left. Thursday's debate, although in SC, will give him a chance to talk to Michigan voters and give us a hint as to what the latest Romney tactic will be ( I'm betting on "businessman fixer" but it could be "three legged stool," or then again maybe "McCain is the Washington insider.").

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