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Re: Onward

By on 1.9.08 | 7:56AM

The road ahead gets progressively harder for Romney with each loss. The knives are out and sharp this morning. Bob Novak says McCain "shreds" his plans by beating him in a fair fight and the immigration card wasn't enough. The Washington Times wants to know how many millions of Romney's own money are going into this effort. (Hint: It's an embarrassingly huge amount or they would have released it in the first few days of the month like they did in previous quarters.) Finally the Rudy team in their morning e-mail can't resist quoting Romney in late December that he had to win in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Listen, he could and should be able to win his home state of Michigan (if not even his most ardent friends will be hard pressed to explain that one) but he faces an uphill battle in SC against Huckabee, Thompson and McCain. It's hard to see him maneuvering around all of them, especially with a wonkish fix Washington theme stressing his corporate CEO background. But after last night I'm not making predictions.

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