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By on 9.28.05 | 1:21PM

Spotted: A rare Republican who is not afraid to remain the pro-immigration Reaganite most of us were in the Reagan years. A Washington Post Metro section profile of Linda Chavez today has her saying some useful things (though why does she allow the canard "screaming, ego-based" commentary to be used against her talk radio confrere Rush Limbaugh?), particularly with regard to the Herndon, Virginia situation that has become a microcosm of America's growing frustration with out-of-control illegal immigration.

"We have a need for labor. We have very low unemployment in Northern Virginia," Chavez said. "It's not as if we have huge numbers of unemployed people that would be taking these jobs."

So far, no one has noticed the irony that the Herndon showdown over illegal labor is occurring in a right-to-work state par excellence. Go to the Northern Virginia-based National Right to Work Foundation's website and you'll find nothing on the subject. How come?

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