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How McCain Did It

By on 1.8.08 | 7:37PM

From ABC: "Moderates, independents and late deciders were crucial for McCain, and he was boosted by a large advantage on personal qualities of leadership, experience and straight-talking. Moderates (just over a third of voters) went overwhelmingly for McCain, 43-26 percent; he also won liberal Republicans, who are somewhat less rare in New Hampshire than elsewhere (12 percent of voters). Among conservatives, by contrast Romney won, by 37-30 percent. (Conservatives were the much larger group, 54 percent of all voters.)...McCain won independents by 11 points over Romney, 38-27 percent, while they split mainline Republicans about evenly, 34-33." UPDATE: The GOP vote may not be correct. This report has McCain winning among GOP voters more decisively and Bill Kristol on Fox noted McCain won handily in all groups.

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