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Re: The Mitt That Won’t Quit

By on 1.8.08 | 7:09PM

I think both the margin of victory and whether there is some credible reed he can hold onto-- such as winning among registered Independents-- will determine how effective he can be going forward. Sure he could spend the rest of his $250M but for what purpose? One item jumped out at me from the TV run through on exit polling -- NH voters apparently found his campaign the most "unfair." ( I believe that was the phrasing.) If the ton of negative ads dropped on Huckabee and on McCain didn't work and indeed turned voters off does he need to rethink that approach? More importantly at some point if he is making no further progress does this just become fodder for the Democrats' November ads? No one is suggesting he or anyone not fight hard if they think they have a shot but supporters will begin to wonder: 1) to what end is he fighting and 2) is their money being wisely spent? If McKinsey were called in to evaluate what would they say?

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