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Exit Trickles

By on 1.8.08 | 4:40PM

Marc Ambinder has some tidbits. If 30% of GOP voters are Independents( vs. the estimate of 25% or 60,000 of 240,000) and the economy and Iraq not immigration are the top two issues plus McCain is considered more electable is this a good night for McCain? For now, the Romney folks are doing a masterful job of keeping tightlipped and chins up and are going forward with their national call day tomorrow. Obviously all the caveats about President Kerry apply.

UPDATE: There is plenty of rumor circulating on the margin in exit polling but if it is correct that the Independents did not overwhelm the vote, then Obama's victory, if he gets it, may be tighter and a McCain win, if he gets it, may a traditional mix of GOP and Independents. Will he crow that he held Independents even in the face of Obama-mania? Will Romney be claiming victory among registered GOP voters ( a slim reed but a reed nevertheless)? In a couple hours we'll know for sure. But again, call President Kerry for details.

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