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Re: Fred’s Last Chance

By on 1.7.08 | 9:16AM

Romney's potential demise is Thompson's opening, to be sure. That is clearly why, as I point out here, he was more than willing to twist the knife into Romney at the debate last night whenever given an opportunity. He inquired whether that wasn't Ted Kennedy at the bill signing ceremony for MittCare. He later derided Romney's argument that experience isn't needed in foreign policy by pointing out that Romney thinks experience is important in everything except foreign policy. He even went out of his way to figuratively roll his eyes at the new "change" theme Romney has trotted out -- remarking that notion is as old as elections, so long as you're not the incumbent. Thompson won't be effectively campaigning in Michigan( Jan. 15) which precedes South Carolina( Jan 19) so he better hope that his old friend and colleague McCain doesn't steal Michigan out from under Romney's nose ( it could happen I'd argue) and once again ride momentum into the next tightly bunched primary state. In case anyone is keeping track, since there has been a GOP primary the winner in South Carolina has always gone on to take the nomination. (This may be a fun fact not very relevant this year.)

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