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Re: In Defense of Mainstream Media

By on 1.6.08 | 10:26AM

I think my criticisms focused on their obsession with the final Huckabee presser. In general I do think they missed Huckabee's "appeal." ( I'm not talking the merits here- I'm talking anticipating that Huckabee was going to be as successful as he was in Iowa.) As for MSM more broadly I think there is much to praise in this cycle. The ABC debate for example was stunningly good. My comments regarding voting on non-rational grounds is not intended as a defense of such practices. My intent was to point out that you can't construct a candidacy by coming up merely with a list of policy positions. The character, personality and record of the person, I would contend, is more critical in the presidential race than in other contests when we evaluate electability. I frankly also think on the merits that temperament does matter and character should.

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