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By on 1.5.08 | 7:19PM

McCain says secure the borders first and deport the criminals. he defends "temporary worker problem" but says it's a national security issue. Romney says 12 million should not be allowed to stay permanently but then says they need to get in line with other. (So they can stay but after waiting in the line? I'm not sure.) Rudy talks border control, change behavior for several years and use tamper proof idea. Says you can't throw out 12 million but throw out 2 million who are criminals. The ones left pay fines and won't get ahead of anyone in line. McCain said he "never supported amnesty" and quotes Joe Lieberman, cites Romney's praise for his prior plan. Romney says it "is technically true." McCain and Romney goes back and forth. McCain says "You could spend your whole fortune on attack ads and it wouldn't be true." Romney and McCain go back and forthsome more. McCain offers that "if you change your position it will happen[ get misquoted] form time to time." If this is Romney's best issue he's not made much progress.

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