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Health Care

By on 1.5.08 | 6:50PM

Rudy is giving an excellent answer on healthcare talking about free market principles. He is having his best outing in awhile. UPDATE: McCain also defends free market principles. Romney says his plan didn't require new taxes and says we can get everyone insured. Ron Paul pipes up so none of the opponents get a chance --will they go there?-- to point out the new $900 penalty for those who don't self-insure in Mass. Without prompting Romney says "I like mandates." Thompson finally makes the point: the state requires you to buy and asks Romney the penalty. Romney refuses to answer. [Hint: The answer is $900.] Thompson makes the point that Mittcare doesn't just force high income earners to self-insure. Romney defends on the "pay their own way" argument. Romney said he wouldn't mandate at federal level. I guess the small government people need to find a standard bearer.

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