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By on 1.5.08 | 6:19PM

Huckabee takes a relatively tough question and sounds more polished and calm on foreign policy. Thompson neatly points out that Huckabee is now saying something a bit different than his original criticism of President Bush. Thompson sounds sober if not electrifying. Rudy gives the strongest answer so far-- saying he's running on his own ideas but saying Bush got the big things right. By the way, with this format it'll be hard to be confrontational but Romney and McCain have yet to take a crack--at the question or each other. UPDATE: McCain was also effective-- reminding us of course his role in reversing Iraq policy and giving a nod to Rudy. Ron Paul does what Ron Paul does. Romney talks about moving Islamic countries toward modernity. (But with the military?) Thompson flexes his credentials and goes back to the rationale for pre-emption.

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